Strong…yet soft

I think that one of the biggest mistakes that women make…when trying to find their strength…is pretending that they don’t “need” anyone. Here is the truth from my perspective…
It’s human nature to want to feel needed, wanted, cared for, protected, loved, and made a priority. It’s also human nature to WANT to love, care for, to protect and make someone a priority in your OWN life. These are all things that create peace, stability, and happiness in a world full of disappointment and chaos. The trick….is being strong enough to be your own hero AND completely ok in your own skin until you find “your person”…yet not get hardened and OVERLY strong. We should never become so strong…that we build a wall so high…that no one can break through. I will ALWAYS be my own hero when I need to be and will never “search” for a person to fill those needs. However, I will also never allow my heart to harden or to feel that I am EVER too strong to allow someone to BE my hero. #ChooseHappy #OrganicRelationshipsOnly #NeverSearch #LoveYourself #StrongYetSoftIMG_6275

First blog post

I have always been open with my thoughts and feelings, can communicate easily, and have had my share of life’s challenges.  Through the years, I have been encouraged to write and start a blog…being told that my journeys have inspired others…not because I am unique to challenges…but because I am willing to be raw about my struggles with those around me.  My belief is that if we were more willing to share our thoughts and experiences with the world…we could all benefit.  Too often, we are left feeling alone in our thoughts.  When we realize that others around us are being challenged as well…the lonely feeling gets replaced with understanding and support.  Through my challenges, I have placed myself in places to clear my head {the beach, the mountains, the river, etc}. I have also opened my thoughts with an open mind and a loving heart. Nothing can be solved with a negative mindset or a bitter heart. Life can be conquered with Salty Toes and a Sugary Heart!!!!